Are you following your heart along the way you are in love with?

When you meet the possibility to sightsee Peniche Fort, sooner or later the path will lead you to the workshop where you be able to examine wonders made in wood by one man. Me joining that situation revealed a question: ‘Is it worth money?’ But is anything worth more than doing things in passion?

There are just a few of people who found their right path at the beginning of life journey. Especially that life is, among other things, used to taking unexpected emotional turns and leaving the future plans permanently unfinished.

Of course, it is not so easy to drop suddenly entire life in order to find yourself being passionate. But none said that it would be. However, as for as I am concerned, everything is better than giving up on dreams and feeling like a shadow of yourself when swimming into routine of: wake up, go to work, come back home, go to sleep. In particular, there is none situation which we cannot handle with when being strongly convinced of going right direction. Are you expecting good examples? I am sure you can point out in your community at least one person whose life confirms that strong faith can make wonders… or maybe you can set yourself as one of the most notorious instances?!