If you belong to the people who miss making time for a day where responsibilities are more relevant than friendship, this trip is for you.

Slowinski National Park (in original: Słowiński Park Narodowy) is one of my best places in Poland to visit. I have visited this place for the first time when being ten years-old. No wonder, then, that after graduating from primary school I had a few possibilities to mark my stay there.

Of course, not all places, located by the Baltic See impressed me as well. Maybe it is because I prefer active way of spending my holidays rather than lying on the warm sand. The best time for vacation in Czołpino is in April and May. As a result of this, you’ll spare yourself, among other things, fighting against the beach place to lie down.

8:00 AM
Let's get the day started! Put on some comfortable clothes and good sport shoes. It is going to be a very active day. But before a walk round the buliding, don’t forget to eat good breakfast to make your stomach full. In every town in Poland, placed at the Baltic See, you’ll find appropriate place to stay with eateries as follow: hotel, hostel, B&B, camping.

9:00 AM
Walk around the town. It is not big, but full of cosy areas. During roaming find also some time to buy water and some snacks. They’ll be useful during your way to see and backwards.

11:00 AM
Google possible paths in Slowinski National Park and set the goal of your tour. When choosing the path take into account your energy and physical activity. The way to the dunes it is a little walk through forest, but fulfilled in vipers and other animals suddenly met on the way. Of course, because of national park, you cannot enter the forest by the car, but there are a lot of car parks where you can leave the car before entering it.

1:00 PM
Passing the dunes, make your way up to the Baltic See.

Are you open to new experiences? I am sure roaming in dunes will be one of them. And it is not so easy as it seems to be. I suggest you just take your shoes off and allow cold sand, being inside, to make your feet completely at rest whilst at the same time making you feel motivated till the end of the path.

2:00 PM
Yes, now it is the moment of spending time on the beach. But be careful and don’t allow the weather to cheat on you. You skin can be burned very fast even during a cloudy, and especially, windy day. In case, put in your bag some UV high protection sunscreen and don’t’ forget to apply it regularly onto your skin.

5:00 PM
Find the appropriate place to climb a cliff as well for the view as for finding the path to the Czołpino Lighthouse.

6:00 PM
Catch green light and change your perspective by climbing to the top of Czołpino Lighthouse. Notice that you can see the dunes which you have just roamed.

8:00 PM
Dinner, finally! Baltic towns are full of various restaurants located in the traditional fishing district. Join one and taste fresh fish.

10:00 PM
What would you say to dance? If you aren't fed up with everything, make a tour around local dance clubs (e.g. in Łeba) and lose all your life-force still being left.

The next time you’ll be looking forward to a well-deserved break, pack yourself, and your best friends (not waiting their permission) and go ahead to travel to Slowinski National Park. I am sure you’ll have an adventure together and an amazing story to remember afterwards.