'Requiem: A Hallucination' written by Antonio Tabucchiis is one of my favourite novels which take a reader on a dreamlike journey through Lisbon. Of course, it is not the only one of this type. Lisbon is so fascinating place that it is hard to don't be inspired by its uniqueness.

8:00 AM
It would be a sin to don't start a day by eating Pastéis de Belém when visiting Lisbon. It is said that best of all are at Antiga Confeitaria de Belém. Every day dozen of thousand Pastéis de Belém, which follow an ancient recipe from the Jerónimos Monastery, are made there to provide hundreds of people with these crisp pastry nests filled with custard cream. They are so delicious that only writing about it made my mouth water.

Journeys have a unique flavor.

9:00 AM
By following the trail of historically significant Portuguese people, signed in our memory as the world's greatest explorers, visit symbols of their time ranging from the Jerónimos Monastery and the Discoveries Monument to the Belém Tower. Especially that, spots next to the Tagus river are full of life. Here you can meet various street performers. What is more, close location of marinas allows to see ocean animals in their water e.g. jellyfish.

11:00 AM
Roam the streets of the old town to discover how real life in Lisbon look like. You'll soon see that in case of Lisbon, flatness doesn't exist at all. Even the most gray buildings decorated with colorful clothes hanged up to dry and festival chains as well as streets varied of tuk-tuk cars and yellow trains provide visitors with new quality of ordinary things.

1:00 PM
Narrow streets of Lisbon sonner or later will lead you up to the place which offers the most beautiful views of the city - on the walls of The São Jorge Castle. The castle was built on the highest hill placed on east of the city center. Here it is - the whole of Lisbon spreads picturesquely before you.

As for as I am concerned, it is one of best spots in Lisbon for shooting. 3hrs of time spent here should satisfy you.

Lisbon is never more charming than here on this hill

4:00 PM
Google or ask some pedestrian (of course, Portuguese one) to show you how to get to the Amorino Baixa. Here I ate best ice creams ever, and not only because the main idea is based on combining as many flavours in just a single ice cream as one wishes.

Notice that in Lisbon it is quite difficult to control yourself in eating calories ;)

5:00 PM
When soaking in sun during walking up and down the steep small streets, don't forget to take a glance at Lisbon from the top of Santa Justa Lift (Portuguese: Elevador de Santa Justa). It is a historic lift with panoramic terrace. When being up, order at least a coffee at Bellalisa restaurant. Here, get a seat outside, relax after intensive day of sightseeing and enjoy the beauty of Lisbon.

8:00 PM
Finally, time to reward your stomach for an active day. I was totally surprised about time of eating dinner by Portuguese people. In Poland we are used to eating dinner at 6:00 PM or at least not later than at 7:00 PM. In Portugal people are going out in purpose of eating dinner not earlier than at 8:00 PM. During my last two stays in Portugal I have visited many restaurants placed in Lisbon. Each one was furnished with special style, and each one made me highly satisfied with discovering local cousine.

10:00 PM
Streets of Lisbon are full of people at any time of a day and night, in particular during summer time. When being in Lisbon this time of a year, you definitely can't miss 'Pink Street' (orginally: Rua Nova do Carvalho Street) to experience this lively part of the city. Why? Check it yourself... and don't even try to come back to hotel/hostel before midnight!

PHOTOS BY Róża Błaś & Jorge Nobre