Every country has it – bringing crowd of tourists roaming all over – and at least one of them.

… the town of lovers.

That is how Georgian promising town named Sighnaghi, mentioned in the same breath as Chełmno and Brugia alike, is to be called. And as every town of lovers it differs from others by having a place where couples who invested their feelings in each other should lay their hats, skipping roaming the way of compromises in favour of collecting places of kissing.

When starting the day little did I know just how many substitute of Polishness would I find in this small town appearing, among other things, in Georgian waiter speaking Polish language.

But, to cut a long story short, below I am showing you my day in Sighnaghi which I can boil down to – the mysterious town full of multicultural visitors, where, in spite of it, deep silence is easy to be found.

Let’s start then!

PHOTOS BY Róża Błaś & Grzegorz Niedżwiecki