It is almost two months from my last stay in Tbilisi, but even though, the city still plays major role in most of conversations made by me with friends of mine.

Last one even bring up a subject of books plotted in this part of the World. As a result of it, week later 'The Eighth Life' by Nino Haratischwili found its place on my bookshelf next to 'Gaumardżos! Opowieści z Gruzji' by Anna Dziewit-Meller & Marcin Meller.

Even I spent in Tbilisi almost one week, I visited here most of worth seightseeing places on second day of my stay. And as you will see it below, it was really active day which I finished with a result of 22 kilomtetres walked on foot.

So are your ready to start with me a journey through astonishingly beautiful Tbilisi?

9:00 AM
I cannot imagine myself different beginning of a day in Tbilisi than time spent on walking and eating Lobiani – a typical Georgian dish, made of puff pastry and beans cooked with herbs and spices inside.

In my mind, obligatory dish in Georigia for every tourist.

And yes, it is as good, as it sounds.

And it is one of best alternatives to eat breakfast outside early in the morning.

Why? Life in Georgia doesn't start before 10:00 am. Fortunately, streets are teeming with local food. Otherwise, you have only Subway to choose.

11:00 AM
It is best hour to start sightseeing in Tbilisi (at least at this time of day you will not be disappointed to meet closed door of any of tourist attractions).

When roaming try to find Tbilisi Aerial Tram (cable cars) which connects Rike Park (public recreation area in Tbilisi which is situated on the left bank of the River Kura) with Narikala Fortress. Then, use it to get up in the hill to visit the most popular sites in Tbilisi and catch the best panorama views of the city which is picturesquerly situated. Especially, of course, during sunny day in summer. Otherwise, it would be a pity to loose such a chance of making wonderful photos of Tbilisi.

You should also know that it is very highly recommended to visit Georgia in autumn because of variety range of festivals and celebrations which are arranged here that time of the year. Especially that Georgian people put their best to hand customs down from generation to generation.

2:00 PM
Public transport in Tbilisi won't make you considerably light as in London, because single ticket costs only 0,50 GEL (lari) which is about 0,18 EUR. I know... it is a real bargain. However, I advice you to get off all means of transport and organise your own walks around as often as possible.

I understand that during holidays you prefer to let your hair down, but it is always a good possibility to kill two birds with one stone - combining walking with sighteeing always makes me coming back to Poland with a few kilos less and hundreds of unique street photos.

In particular, worth seeing is the old town area of Tbilisi which is well known of colorful houses.

I quickly realised that English language is not a priority among Georgian people who prefer to speak Russian (and most of them do it perfectly). However, with some easy hand gestures and pointing you can get what you want. It could be also useful to use any other Slavic language which is similar to Russian.

However, Georgian people tend to be hospitable and helpful, so feel free to ask them for directions if you have gone astray at any time. I am sure that if you don't catch the person who knows English, somebody else from crowd will join your conversation and suggest a solution to help you get out of any sticky situation you have met on the road.

Otherwise, you always can try hunting for a destination on your own when you loose your bearings while roaming.

3:00 PM
Tbilisi abounds of religious buildings dotted around the city. Without the necessity of beating long distance you can visit catholic and orthodox church as well as mosque and synagogue.

When entering Tbilisi Mosque, remember to take off your shoes.
It is also good to know that there is no separate room for men and women in Tbilisi Mosque. So if you are woman, feel free to get into the same room as men do.

4:00 PM
One of best ways to experience different culture is to eat like a local. Therefore, take a random stroll through the streets of Tbilisi to find some cosy restaurants with traditional food in menu such as, for instance, famous Georgian dumplings, named Khinkhali. It is a typical Georgian dish made of twisted knobs od dough, stuffed with meat and spices.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of these dumplings (probably because of coriander which places here major role among other spices, as in Georgian cuisine in general), but I know a lot of enthusiasts of this dish who cannot leave Georgia without eating them at least once.

It is also good to know that there is a special protocol of eating Khinkhali which allows one to eat the dumplings as in clean way as possible (later I will show you the golden rules of eating Khinkhali in new vlog about Tbilisi).

But if you don't want to make your food experience based only on luck, you can visit Taglaura restaurant which I checked on my own skin. There you will meet a high quality and too much expensive food.

You can also find this restaurant on Foursquqare to read more opinions.

5:00 PM
It would be a great pity to don't visit Turkish baths, made few centuries ago, when being so close to them. They are definitely worth your time, not only because of their historic heritage, but also because of good health influence.

7:00 PM
If you belong to the people being passionate about specatcular buildigs, your natural instincts should lead you to the Tsamida Sameba Cathedral which looks amazingly in sunset.

8:00 PM
Another place worth visiting in Tbilisi is David Agmashenebeli Avenue which is placed in a historic district of Tbilisi and presents different type of the city.

9:00 PM
The night time reserve for Funicular which thanks to the entertainment and leisure park has a lot to offer. Plenty of souvenir shops can also be found here.

You can get there by the Tiflis Funicular Railway or climb up to the top where the amusement park is placed. However, this place seems to be exploded in popularity, because people spend their time here from dusk till dawn, so you need to prepare yourself for long time of waiting in a queue to get into a carriage, as well as going up and down.

12:00 AM
No matter if you are staying in someone else's home either in a high-rise hotel or bunking up in a hostel, now it is best time to go back and rest well after so busy day.

I won't hide that I had a lot of concerns before boarding plane to Tbilisi, but all of them disappeared after second day of my stay there.

I also found out that Tbilisi is a good travel destination for everyone. No matter whether you are on a tight budget or have a lot of money to burn. You don't have to be rolling in money to visit Tbilisi, and you can bring excellent memories back to your home at no great expense.

So are you already lured by Tbilisi?

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