And finally we are in 2017.

So, as befits a man in a situation of pursuing new year’s promises, today’s post is different. Thus, there won’t be any information about travel destinations in New Year’s Eve context (as I did last year) as well as travel advice. Instead, I share with you some of my thoughts about what I learned to live my best life.

Yesterday I finished all work to meet last deadlines in 2016, I drank Malibu rum with milk from mug while watching movie, and watched fireworks through window. But I didn’t find anything to regret. I can even say that is was one of my best New Year’s Eves. As a result, I could go to bed early, and in consequence, rest well.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine better way of spending Sunday’s morning as I did today: I woke-up early, ate breakfast with the nearest and dearest to me, took long walks, and then, read a good book while curling up under a warm blanket.

Now, when I feel well prepared, I am going to get through 2017 with only one resolution made to pursue – more rest, less work. No brain-freeze any more on evenings. Especially that this year seems to be full of changes in my life, including travelling (I promise to provide you with more information soon).

See you then.

PHOTOS BY Róża Błaś & Jorge Nobre