So many times I have travelled alone so far, or at least I thought so, but was I there really alone in this big and unexpected World?

With the benefit of hindsight, I can't say ‘yes’.

To be honest, every my journey finished with new friendship, bar none.

It is because I cannot protect myself against meeting people. I am sentenced to them (thank God!) on every part of my ‘lonely travel’... when reaching hot springs in Iceland, having a cup of tea in a pavement cafe in Stara Zagora, strolling in Lisbon, picknicking in Tbilisi etc.

Regardless the situation, every time it was a coincidence which turned into a longer relation.

Taking it into account, is a fear of travelling alone a good excuse for not doing it?

I am not a die-hard fairytale fan. Things happen in life, but the feeling of being amazed by the power of the World can turn all cons into pros.

I had a lot of concerns before my first trip and I still have it every now and again, but it doesn't stop me doing it. Instead of it, every time when any worries made of my fevered imagination occur, I try to find solutions to downsized them to take control over them. Then, everything turns into being less chilling, than it had seemed to be before.

I know that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, try to listen to your inner voice, instead of being influenced by the wildest limitations created by your mind. Otherwise, you’ll drift away in the currents of life.

PHOTO BY Mikhail Fominykh