The most often using excuses not to go travelling are lack of money and time, but is it enough so?

Have it ever happen to you to discover an amazing place located only a couple of blocks from your house or flat you have been living for years? The world is full of diversity and mystery, and there are a lot of worth seeing places around, and it is not a matter of travelling to far-flung corners of the Earth but our willingness and swapping time spent in front of the television for discovering what Mother Earth offers us.

The Chinese philosopher Laozi says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. What he wanted to tell us is that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point. Thus, close a door behind you, take a first step, and go ahead. Maybe five kilometres from your place of work or ten kilometres from the gym you visit twice a week is a stunning place which will feed your mind in the same capacity as Mozart’s symphonies do.

Does it seem to be so difficult? Not really, right? Especially that there is not always too far to turn back.
Although, I am sure you will not want to.

This small step brought me one day to a cape situated in the Portuguese district of Setúbal, municipality of Sesimbra and the civil parish of Castelo – Cabo Espichel. Here, behind the 15th century Church and Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Cabo is to be found a stunning work of nature which hides a secret of various medieval legends as well as one suicide which traces are seen to this day.