Two weeks ago was second time when I visited Samociążek – small village located next to the Zalew Koronowski. Definitely it is not a place that youths go to, however if you belong to those people who appreciate being surrounded by nature, you will love it (I am 100% sure). It represents one of those oh-so Polish places. There is a hint of Mazuria Region and a typical Polish village.

Samociążek is placed close to Bydgoszcz – the biggest city in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland, but visiting it is like entering a totally different world or at least going back to the old one. During storm you should be prepare for potential power outage, lack of running water and mobile range, that is no TV, no Internet, no contact with the world. (It happend to me last time and took almost 24hrs. During that time all shops were closed because of the lack of energy.)

Nontheless, you’ll never be dissapointed by the pictures it offers. Fresh air, diverse forests, myriard small beaches, and ubiquitious water. Even grey weather doesn’t affect the charm of the stunning landscape. It is rather no-man's-land but from time to time you can see some fishermen boating or turists kayaking.

Samociążek is my summer escape place, do you have any similar one as well?

PHOTOS BY Róża Błaś & Piotr Ciesielski