Look inside yourself and find a sense of the need to be part of the World. Never limit yourself to travel only to your imagination and never put off travel until later, because then it won't come at all. Instead of it, explore the singularity of natural beauty with relish.

Do not take a trip as watching the World and satisfying hunger of sensations, but treat it as the best school of life. Open your heart and eyes and learn something from the World - travel will expand your strength of spirit, sculpt your personality, teach how to put things in perspective and help you to rebuild your lives after life catastrophe.

Learn to accept your situation and others. Let every unpleasant experience to teach you something about yourself. Notice the happiness in the small things and teach others to see the meaning in learning about diversity and finding simple joy. Keep balance in everything.

Remember that all people laugh in the same language. Listen to what others say and make friends in each visited place.

Pack your suitcase with unlimited possibilities before each trip. Always treat travelling as getting to know the same places each time a new and remember that journey begins at the moment of crossing the threshold of the house, and that you have the right to be where you are now.