How often do you catch yourself saying: "I dont have time to travel?" So then, what would you say about 24hrs trip? Not enough time to travel? I will show you that quite enough – in our fast paced and busy world – to explore a planty of places. If you still have some worries, I promise they will melt away after reading "one day one trip" as fast as they have appeared in your mind.

Remember: dreams don't work unless you do!

About me:
I am half Polish and half Lemko, and a passionate traveller and bookworm.

Books were, are, and always will be my solely companion in travelling, both literally and figuratively.

About blog:
"one day one trip" is catered to everyone who needs advice on how to travel in 24hrs.

What can I find here?
On "one day one trip" you can find travel power thoughts on how to explore various destinations placed all over the world and get from them as much as possible in 24hrs without setting aside more days off.

To suit your needs, via "one day one trip" I will help you to land a trip plan with a plethora of links to other sites that grade your hectic schedule of travelling.

What can I do here?
On "one day one trip" you can inspire yourself and share your experience about given travel destinations with different folks keen on exploring the world.

All for your inspiration!
Ready to Go?

love // Róża